Website Got You Down?

You have options!

Your Website Is the Gateway to Your Organization

Your engagement with donors, members, and/or onsite visitors begins well before they take action. From the first moment of discovery, through learning more about your mission, to taking advantage of resources, donating or volunteering, and even the next email they receive from you. Every online interaction informs how your audience ends up feeling about your organization. Your organization's digital experience – the website and all its connected tools and systems – presents a tremendous opportunity to cultivate stronger connections with your community… or to undermine your success. 

Sound Familiar?

  • The website was built a long time ago (or before you arrived) and is outdated or doesn't match new branding. 
  • A plugin, module etc... isn't working properly and no one seems to know how to fix it. 
  • When the website is updated, something always breaks. Who has time for that? 
  • Your reliable employee or contractor has left and now no one knows what they did or how to maintain the website. 
  • The website is integrated with several other things and no one knows how to maintain the integration (or the integration is broken). 
  • The website is brand new, but the staff can't keep up with maintaining it.  
  • ...or something else. 

Save Time, Donor Dollars, and Headaches

In our experience when little problems are left too long, they become bigger problems, more expensive to fix, and become larger projects that no one really wanted to do, and/or the organization is left with no options but to start from scratch. The sooner you address any of these situations, the easier and less expensive it will be. 

The Nonprofit Website Options Guide 

(Or download our Drupal 7 Decision Guide)

A website problem doesn't necessarily mean drastic changes. There are options in between. We've developed a quick guide, specifically for nonprofits, to get you started thinking about what's possible for your website, given where it is right now. You'll learn: 

  • 4 different options ranging in cost and your time/energy. 
  • How to gain time, reduce stress, and get expert answers. 
  • What preventative steps will minimize problems. 
  • When it's most appropriate to consider larger changes. 

What are you waiting for? Prioritize your website so you can get back to focusing on engaging with website visitors. 

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