Powerful Land Trust Websites


Powerful Land Trust Websites: How to Make Your Website a Powerful Marketing & Fundraising Tool

Do you want more potential donors, volunteers, and members for your land trust?  Your website is your biggest asset for engaging more constituents (and often, the most under-used!). A well-designed website will connect, guide and convert your visitors to take action.


Follow our resources below to better understand your unique audience and lead them on a journey through your website. We’ll also share our process of designing a website, which we encourage you to use with your land trust.


Breaking the “Brochureware” Mindset - Learn one mindset hack that will get you thinking in new ways about website engagement. See how a land trust added value to its site by embedding All Trails maps.  Because they quickly find something useful, visitors continue to return over and over again. 


Developing Your Interface - Discover how your brand, message, story and goals inform the interface with your visitors. 

Design Your Website: Bringing it All Together - Discover the two elements of design that will help you guide visitors through your website. 

Backpacking through a Website: A Simple Guide - Create a clear journey to move visitors through your website will engage land owners, potential land donors and volunteers.


Engaging Nonprofit Websites That Inspire Action - Discover the two key pieces of a website that will keep visitors engaged and inspire them to take action. 

Measure, Optimize, and Refactor - Explore how to increase donations and/or sign-ups over time.

Some of the blog posts above include samples with connect, guide, and/or convert on websites we’ve designed for nonprofit clients. 



Create a Website That Connects, Guides And Drives Action

In a recent study, 84% of respondents say that the experience a company provides is as important as its services.

That means your website's functionality directly impacts how someone views your organization. Without a website built around the needs of your audience, you could be turning away new members, donors, sponsors, or volunteers.

Download our eBook showing how to use this information to create a digital experience that will drive more donations and engagement. 





If you're ready to upgrade your digital presence, our eBook, "The 6 Principles of High-Performing Nonprofit Digital Experiences," will help you get started.

We outline the steps to:

  • Make your website useful for your audience
  • Deliver content and actions with a purpose
  • Create a digital experience that grows with your organization




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Looking for Expert Advice? 

BackOffice Thinking has a team of experts who specialize in websites specifically for nonprofits. We understand your unique needs and can help you through any stage of a website project. Let us help you improve your digital experience and drive better member engagement.